Toowoomba mayor Paul Antonio … standing again at the 2020 poll

November 19, 2019

Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio confirmed on Tuesday morning that he would be restanding at the March 2020 Local Government elections.

If elected, it would be his third term in the top role.

Mayor Antonio has a long history in local government; in fact, he admitted this would be his 12th election campaign.

He was originally elected to Millmerran Shire Council in 1982 and served as its mayor from 2000-2008.

He was elected to the newly amalgamated Toowoomba Regional Council in 2008 and served as Deputy Mayor for four years.

He was elected TRC Mayor at the 2012 council elections.

Mayor Antonio said it had been an “absolute privilege” leading the community for the past eight years during a time of “real positivity”.

He said eight years ago there was no Wellcamp Airport, no Bypass and no talk about rail.

“I really want to be around to talk about water, to drive the water agenda here,” he told reporters on Tuesday.

“There are so many opportunities here.

“We need firm, strong, positive leadership to push that agenda forward.”

No other candidates have put up their hands so far for the Toowoomba Mayoral position.

* * *

Brett Otto … now standing for Mayor

In the South Burnett, Mayor Keith Campbell has not stated whether he will re-stand as Mayor however an announcement is expected next month.

Kingaroy accountant Brett Otto, who originally said he would stand for Division 4 at the poll, has now backtracked and announced he will challenge for Mayor and is updating his highway campaign signs accordingly.

All other South Burnett councillors have stated publicly their intention to re-contest their Divisions.

Kirstie Schumacher has announced her plans to stand for Division 4.

The rumour mill has been actively putting forward the names of possible candidates in other Divisions but no one has yet stated their intentions openly.

In Gympie, Mayor Mick Curran has not said whether he intends to restand however two people have stated their plans in the media to challenge him: Tim Jerome, from Traveston; and current Gympie councillor Glen Hartwig.

There has been no word yet about potential candidates for Cherbourg Council.

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