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Bush Fire Warnings: An Explanation

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The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) issues Bushfire Warnings, left, while the Bureau of Meteorology issues Fire Danger Ratings (right)

November 15, 2019

Confused about the bushfire warnings we’ve been publishing lately?

Here’s a simple guide, taken from the Queensland Rural Fire Service website

There are three Queensland Fire and Emergency Service bushfire warning levels: ADVICE, WATCH AND ACT and EMERGENCY.

The Bureau of Meteorology also issues Fire Danger Ratings (see explanation, below).

* * *


Monitor conditions and review your Bushfire Survival Plan.

When an Advice warning is issued for your area, it indicates a fire or other emergency has started, however there is no immediate threat. At this level of warning you will be asked to STAY INFORMED.

You should . . .

  • Note there is a fire nearby
  • Decide what you will do if the situation changes
  • Tune in to local radio or log on to the web or social media to stay informed

* * *

Watch And Act

Conditions are changing. Start taking action and follow your Bushfire Survival Plan.

When a Watch & Act warning is issued for your area, there is a heightened level of threat, you need to be aware of your situation and take action to be prepared and protect yourself and your family. At this level of warning you will be asked either to LEAVE NOW or PREPARE TO LEAVE.

Be aware that . . .

  • There is a heightened level of threat
  • Bushfire conditions in your area are changing
  • A fire is approaching you
  • Your life may come under threat
  • You need to start taking appropriate action now to protect yourself and your family

* * *


You are in danger. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY

Don’t assume you’ll receive a warning as a fire approaches and don’t assume a fire crew will be available to assist every home.

It’s up to you to monitor conditions, know what the Fire Danger Rating is and to tune in to local media including radio, social media and websites.​

  • Phone Triple Zero (000) for life-threatening emergencies.

* * *

As well as these three Warning levels, readers will also see Fire Danger Ratings mentioned in the media.

There are six Fire Danger Ratings which are released daily by the Bureau of Meteorology for all areas of Queensland.

They are: Low-Moderate, High, Very High, Severe, Extreme, Catastrophic.

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