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Kingaroy Water Safe: Council

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An aerial view of the Gordonbrook Water Treatment Plant which was commissioned in 2015
(Photo: SBRC)

October 31, 2019

South Burnett Regional Council has assured residents that the town water is safe to drink, despite temporary discolouration.

A Council spokesperson said SunWater was doing maintenance work on the Boondooma Dam to Tarong pipeline, which meant all Kingaroy’s water was coming at present from Gordonbrook Dam.

“Gordonbrook Dam contains increased algae and organic material causing a rise in residual turbidity,” the spokesperson said.

“Disinfection residuals have not been compromised and whilst the water has some minor discolouration, it is safe.”

Kingaroy residents have been receiving a mix of Boondooma / Gordonbrook water for several years now which has improved Kingaroy’s water quality.

Mayor Keith Campbell told he believed that the SunWater maintenance work would be completed on Monday but it would take about three days for the Gordonbrook water to be flushed out of the system.

Council has advised Kingaroy residents that once the the water has flushed through the system, the following steps may assist:

  • Flush your plumbing by running the outside tap closest to your water meter for a few minutes until the water runs clear. This will avoid any further discoloured water entering house taps
  • Run the individual taps within the house starting from the front and working towards the back of the property until all water runs clean. This will ensure that all water through the house is cleared
  • Run the tap at the back of the property to flush out any discolouration left in the pipes
  • Avoid using the washing machine or dishwasher while the water remains discoloured.

* * *

South Burnett Regional Council admitted on Thursday afternoon that water discolouration may also be occurring in Kingaroy due to the water mains replacement program.

It issued a statement that water mains maintenance, repairs or flushing may result in sediment being disturbed in the water pipes, resulting in the tap water appearing discoloured.

In some instances, organic material found in the main water source may also cause discolouration.

It said the following following steps may assist following water maintenance works:

  • Flush your plumbing by running inside and outside taps
  • Avoid using the washing machine or dishwasher while water remains discoloured

Council also advised:

  • Construction work is scheduled to begin on Monday for the renewal of the water main along Youngman Street, between Avoca and Markwell streets. Work is expected to take about two weeks, weather permitting. Council has engaged Roman Contractors to carry out this work. Residents will be advised should there be an interruption to the water supply.
  • Toomey Street will be closed to all traffic from 6:00am through to 6:00pm on Thursday, November 7, as part of the Kingaroy Water Main Replacement Program. Residents affected by these works will be notified directly. Access to local residents will be via the William Street end.


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  1. Suzi

    So the advice is to waste a heap of water in the middle of the one of the worst droughts we’ve seen to get rid of, safe but discoloured water. Man, I’m just thankful we HAVE water. Won’t be wasting any here, don’t care what colour it is, just happy to have it.

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