Vandals have been blamed for damaging SBRC water filling stations (Photo: SBRC)

October 4, 2019

Vandals have been blamed for knocking the Nanango high-flow water standpipe out of action recently.

Photographs of long queues of vehicles waiting at standpipes appeared on social media after the incident.

A council spokesperson said a temporary fix had been put in place while repairs occurred.

South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell said the standpipes were provided as a service to the community at considerable cost, so it was disappointing that recent intentional vandalism had occurred, disrupting the service and resulting in extra costs to South Burnett ratepayers.

“Council will pursue criminal charges against persons found damaging infrastructure,” Mayor Campbell said.

“Given the proprietary equipment rights, delays may result as repairs are required to be carried out by an authorised repairer.

“This ensures the integrity of the system and protection of personal credit card information for patrons visiting the infrastructure.”

* * *

Tap-and-go credit/debit water standpipes are located at Nanango, Blackbutt, Benarkin and Hivesville.

Potable water (drinking quality) can be purchased at Nanango, Blackbutt and Benarkin standpipes, with non-potable water (only) available at Hivesville.

The standpipes are located at:

  • Nanango – Brisbane Road (high-flow)
  • Blackbutt – Bowmans Road (high-flow and low-flow)
  • Benarkin – Scotts Street (high-flow)
  • Hivesville – Intersection Starr Street and Hivesville Road (non-potable water / high-flow)

Instructions for use are displayed at all standpipes.

A 25mm hose is available however customers will need to provide their own 50mm cam lock and hose to use the larger connection.

Transactions are limited to a minimum of $1 and maximum $99 per transaction. The cost per kilolitre is $4.10.

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