Captain Russell Hood, firefighter Jesse Barnes, firefighter Ryan Hall, Lieutenant Michael Collins and Ken Mills sales executive Aaron Collins
Sheryl Mills with Detective Sergeant Scott Prendergast, from Kingaroy Police

September 12, 2019

Young people had the opportunity to learn firsthand from the experts at a driver safety night held in Kingaroy last week.

About 50 teenagers took up the opportunity to talk to police, ambulance paramedics and firefighters at the special night organised by Ken Mills Toyota in Kingaroy.

They also learned some basic car maintenance from mechanics and tyre staff.

Sheryl Mills said this was the first road safety night the dealership had organised for some time and they were happy with the roll-up.

“We did a ‘Safe & Savvy’ night years and years ago,” she said.

The night was targeted at L and P-plate drivers (and their parents).

The teenagers were divided into separate groups and spent time at different stations set up around the building.

At every stop, the importance of the Fatal Five was reinforced, ie. Speeding, Seat Belts, Drink / Drug Driving, Fatigue, Distraction.

Firefighters showed the cutting equipment they use to extract injured drivers and passengers from wrecked vehicles.

In another room, an ambulance paramedic was explaining what happens to the human body when a vehicle comes to a sudden stop (hint: your organs don’t).

Tyre safety was being targeted in one work bay; while basic engine maintenance was the focus in another.

In the showroom, police officers were quizzing the youngsters in the showroom and, in turn, answering some curly questions tossed to them about road rules.

Constable Carmel Fettes and Senior Constable Dan Walters with four of the young participants
The oil goes in here … the young drivers get a briefing about what happens under the bonnet
The QAS presentation explained why that extra 5km/h can make the difference between stopping in time or crashing

[UPDATED with correction]

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