September 10, 2019

Police have set up a taskforce in a bid to prevent, disrupt and investigate suspicious fires across Queensland.

Taskforce Overcross will include investigative, intelligence and other specialist resources as required.

Commissioner Katarina Carroll said as part of the task force, the QPS State Crime Command would co-ordinate all investigations into suspicious fires around the State.

“Taskforce Overcross will be proactive in working to prevent deliberately or recklessly lit fires,” Commissioner Carroll said.

“Some of the fires could be down to carelessness or a misunderstanding of conditions.

“However, it appears other fires have been deliberately lit with the intention of causing damage or worse.

“Arson is a very serious offence that can lead to life imprisonment and police will be relentless in investigating any suspicious fires.

“The community is asked to work with authorities to prevent fires. In these dangerous conditions please do not use equipment which could risk sparking a fire.

“Anyone who either inadvertently or deliberately starts a fire is putting life and property at significant risk.”

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