Officer-in-charge of Goomeri Police, Sgt Dave Gillies

August 26, 2019

Goomeri Police will join forces with the Department of Transport and Main Roads on Tuesday (August 27) for a Road Safety Week event at the truck parking site in Moore Street.

Sergeant Dave Gillies and Senior Constable Lorenzo Marabini will be having a coffee and a chat with motorists from 9:30am until noon.

There will also be a sausage sizzle.

TMR Inspectors and Sgt Gillies will be on hand to provide advice, support and knowledge.

Vehicles will be weighed for free.

Sgt Gillies said the operation was aimed more at education than enforcement.

Police have observed heavier vehicles, and vehicles under tow, becoming more involved in more crashes in the region during the past few years.

He said the majority of road users were doing the right thing, however some – through lack of knowledge or having been misinformed – were still committing offences such as overloading or exceeding the maximum carrying capacity for the vehicle.

This not only puts themselves at risk, but also other road users.

“There will be an opportunity and support for anyone caught unaware to rectify issues before continuing safely on their way,” Sgt Gillies said.

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One Response to "Road Safety Focus On Overloading"

  1. Charlie  August 27, 2019

    Should start with the manufacturers who fit VIN plates with the incorrect tare weights on them for starters. I see so many campers with incorrect tare weights, leaving people think they can throw 500kg in their camper when in fact they can only put about 150 to 200kg. This not the user’s fault but the manufacturer/seller.


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