Cherbourg Council CEO Warren Collins … looking forward to playing more golf

August 15, 2019

One of Queensland’s longest-serving Council chief executive officers, Warren Collins, is retiring.

He will finish up with Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council on August 27.

Mr Collins, 60, has been with Cherbourg Council for just over 35 years.

Why now?

“Council is in a good position,” Mr Collins told “And there’s things I would like to do before it’s too late. I’m sure they’ll survive without me!”

These things include playing more golf …

When he started at Cherbourg Council in 1984, there were just two staff in the admin area. This has now grown to 15.

Mr Collins has overseen many other changes in the community, too.

These include upgrades to the sewage and water supply systems, the opening of the Frank Fisher bridge, the construction of many new houses and the Ny-Ku Byun Elders Village, the refurbishment of Jack O’Chin Oval and the Sports Complex, the development of the Historical Precinct, the rebirth of the radio station and the establishment of the recycling plant.

Mr Collins, who grew up in Cherbourg, said he had enjoyed his time with Council: “It’s been great, but I am looking forward to retirement.”

He plans to continue with his role at the Cherbourg Hornets for the present and will continue living in the community.

Cherbourg Council will advertise for applicants to fill the CEO’s role.

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