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Police Urge Use Of GPS Trackers

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Most stolen vehicles are eventually recovered … but what condition will they be in?
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July 16, 2019

Police are encouraging owners to consider installing GPS trackers in their vehicles after a surge in thefts across Queensland.

A total of 16,322 cars, motorcycles and trucks were reported stolen in the State last financial year, up from 14,133 during the previous period.

Acting Senior Sergeant Lee Fortune said in the majority of cases, thieves had easily tracked down keys in homes and businesses before stealing vehicles from garages and driveways.

“Police are continuing to see vehicles being stolen either opportunistically where the vehicle is left unsecured or through burglaries where keys are quickly located,” Acting Snr Sgt Fortune said.

“We are encouraging vehicle owners to take a moment to think about their current security measures and whether they could be improved to reduce the risk of having their vehicle stolen.

“This could be as simple as keeping your keys in a hidden location within your home rather than in plain sight and ensuring your vehicle, home and business is secured at all times.”

On average, three-quarters of all stolen vehicles are recovered, but in varying conditions.

Acting Snr Sgt Fortune said owners of trucks and high-end vehicles should consider installing GPS devices which help police safely track down stolen vehicles.

“There is a range of GPS tracking technology available to motorists which allows police to quickly locate vehicles if they are stolen,” he said.

“We have seen many occasions where owners have provided police with GPS details, allowing officers to locate the stolen vehicle and arrest the offenders without dangerous pursuits and damage to the vehicle.”

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Top 5 strategies to protect your vehicle:

1. Always keep your vehicle locked and secured – even if you are only leaving it for a moment.

2. Keep the keys to your vehicle in a hidden location – not on the kitchen bench or a key rack.

3. Remove all valuables from the vehicle

4. Consider installing a steering wheel lock, car alarm or immobiliser

5. Consider installing a GPS tracking device with live monitoring

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One Response to Police Urge Use Of GPS Trackers

  1. Phil

    GPS is great for finding your burnt out/smashed up car. It is only worth fitting in combination with a keypad lock out. Even if they have your keys the car is still immobilised unless they have the four-digit PIN.

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