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Young Artists Take Over Gallery

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Kathleen Gogerly with her “People’s Choice” winning painting, “Magpie’s Haven”

August 9, 2018

Young Booie artist Kathleen Gogerly stole the show at the Wondai Art Gallery’s Junior Arts Competition on Friday, taking home the top three awards.

Kathleen won the senior 3D (pottery / sculpture) category, the 2D (painting / photography) category as well as the People’s Choice award.

She was presented with $250 in cash prizes by South Burnett Regional Council CEO Mark Pitt, who also officially opened the exhibition.

A total of $650 in prize money was distributed on the night to young artists ranging in age from 4 to 18.

All the prizes were sponsored by the Wondai Art Gallery.

Young artists from throughout the South Burnett were invited to submit works, and many of the entrants crowded into the gallery on opening night to find out if they had won.

Gallery volunteer Gil Smith said the purpose of the competition was to encourage young artists to pursue their work into adulthood, to become the artists of the future.

The entries were judged by well-known Kingaroy artist Garry Eyre.

A special “highly commended” award was presented to 21 students from Murgon State High School who worked together on a collaborative effort, “We Are One”. 

The large painting, which is hanging proudly on the end wall of the main gallery, is based on the themes of belonging, reconciliation, working together, connection, place and country.

All the young artists’ works will remain on exhibition at the Wondai Art Gallery during August.

Entry to the gallery is free.

Wondai Art Gallery volunteer Gil Smith with gallery curator Elaine Madill … Elaine said the gallery was currently booked out with exhibitions until 2021

Murgon State High School visual arts in practice teacher Tiana McDougall with the collaborative effort, “We Are One”, which won a special award

Admiring the artworks were Sharon Sippel, from Redgate, with Thomas, 4; Chloe, 9; Matthew, 7; and Daniel, 5

Taj Nenyei-Smith, 14, from Wooroolin with his drawing “Born For Battle”

Twins Minnie and Cherry Martoo, 11, from Kingaroy, entered pottery pieces in the competition

* * *

Junior Art Competition Winners

South Burnett Regional Council CEO Mark Pitt presented the winners with their prizes:

3D Ages 4-6
1. Blaze Nenyei-Smith, “Bush Critter Rock”
2. Graesyn Corbett, “Mousey Hand”
3D Ages 7-11
1. Olivia Fox, “Butterfly Treasure”
2. Shonae Walker, “Vessel of Dreams”
3. Jodie Pickett, “Dog With Soccer Ball & Habitat”
3D Ages 12-15
1. Sam Gibson, untitled
2. Kimberley Boland, “Beach Days”
3. Trinity Miller, “Van Gogh Inspiration”
3D Ages 16-18
1. Kathleen Gogerly, “Elderly Abuse”
2. Yugi Kageyama,  “Apple”
3. Josephine Murphy-Crump, “Blue Corsage”
2D Ages 5-6
1. Charlotte Kenyan, “The Trees of Magic”
2. Dan Sippel, “Artwork 3000”
3. Kobe Chambers, “Star Wars”
2D Ages 7-11
1. Riley James Dunlop, “Heat”
2. Felicity Vanstan, “Girl At The Waterfall”
3. Angus Hankinson, “Moffatdale Tree”
2D Ages 12-15
1. Isabella Fox, “Carnival”
2. Lilly Bradshaw, “Butterfly”
3. Courtney Litfin, “Looking At My Soul Through Colour”
2D Ages 16-18
1. Kathleen Gogerly, “Magpie’s Haven”
2. Trish Romantico, “Identity”
3. Cody Woodhall, “Falcon”

Blaze Nenyei-Smith

Graesyn Corbett

Kimberley Boland

Trinity Miller

Dan Sippel

Charlotte Kenyan

Angus Hankinson

Felicity Vanstan

Riley James Dunlop

Courtney Litfin

Cody Woodall

Kathleen Gogerly with Mark Pitt

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