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Water And Waste Charges To Rise

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Water, Waste Water and Sports portfolio chair Cr Roz Frohloff

June 25, 2018

South Burnett residents will pay an extra $57 a year in water, sewerage and waste removal charges from July 1, but large businesses will get some relief from high water usage charges.

The Council will also begin a detailed study of its water and sewerage systems to work out a sustainable, 10-year replacement and upgrade strategy for them.

Water and Waste Water portfolio chair Cr Roz Frohloff said she had made some very difficult decisions since assuming office two years ago.

“By having audits done throughout this term of Council, we have found that there were many areas that needed fixing,” Cr Frohloff said.

The Council will spend $7.28 million in the coming year to operate and maintain its water supply network, along with an extra $1.47 million to renew and upgrade the region’s water mains.

It has also compressed its former six-tiered water charging system down to three tiers, which will see average households pay an extra $39 per year (a 7 per cent rise) but provide some relief for high-volume water users such as Swickers.

A further $5.35 million will be spent operating the South Burnett’s sewerage systems, including $1.05 million in network renewals.

Kerbside garbage collection service charges will rise by $4 per year, and the Waste Management Levy will rise by $14 per year to $142 to cover the costs of operating the region’s four refuse tips and 13 waste transfer stations.

This year the Council also hopes to carry out a full network analysis of its water and sewerage systems to prepare a 10-year plan for their sustainable upgrade and renewal.

The Council has set aside $250,000 from this year’s Budget for the study, and applied for an additional $500,000 funding from the State Government.

“As the portfolio holder of Water and Waste Water, my mission is to see quality drinking water (supplied) to the Nanango township and to find avenues for the South Burnett to have an increase of sustainable water resources,” Cr Frohloff said.

“This Budget was one of the hardest decisions that I personally have had to endure but I believe it is for the betterment of the South Burnett.

“As we move forward we will start seeing light at the end of the tunnel.”

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One Response to Water And Waste Charges To Rise

  1. Jane Erkens

    Is this on top of the % rise to the rates. Because council love to try and tell you our rates cover everything then sneak through added charges on other things while skiting they have kept the rate rise down to a minimum. You treat the ratepayers like we are stupid. They put up general rates by 2.5% and promote how wonderful they are and then our garbage and water along with lots of fees go up as well. I read today on a Facebook feed how someone was so grateful for the rain as it took the stress off them having to purchase water. I don’t think a lot of councillors realise how difficult many ratepayers are finding living in the South Burnett is to afford.

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