Malcolm Rea, Kevin Krosch and Denis Carroll from Motors In Motion … the group were forced to cancel the Wondai Sprints in April this year because of the lack of a suitable race track
Damien Tessmann
Roads Portfolio chair Cr Damien Tessmann (Photo: SBRC)

October 29, 2015

The South Burnett Regional Council breathed new life into the proposed Wondai Street Sprints motor race meeting on Wednesday when it agreed to resurface parts of the Wondai Industrial Estate to provide Sprints organisers with a race track.

A proposal to undertake the $220,000 resurfacing project to create a 1.6km race track was moved by Cr Damien Tessmann.

Cr Tessmann said the organising committee for the Wondai Street Sprints first approached the Council with the idea two years ago.

“We all thought it was a good idea that could bring a lot of people to the area, and we all agreed the Industrial Estate was the perfect venue to hold a sprint car race meeting,” Cr Tessmann said.

“We didn’t have any money to put towards it, so we had to say no. But we promised we’d look at it again when we had our next Budget review.”

Cr Tessmann said in light of Cr Keith Campbell’s announcement earlier in Wednesday’s meeting that the SBRC had just received an unexpected $1.275 million windfall, he wanted to move a motion Council spend $220,000 resurfacing some roads in Wondai’s Industrial Estate to create the racing circuit.

Cr Tessmann said organisers had originally proposed the entire surface be asphalted, which would cost an estimated $300,000.

“We told them that was too expensive, so they went away and came back to us with another proposal that we only put asphalt on parts of the course where there is high acceleration, and use a lower grade of surface on the other parts.

“That reduces the cost to $220,000.”

Cr Barry Green said he was seconding Cr Tessmann’s motion as chair of the Sports Portfolio.

“I agree the Industrial Estate is an ideal venue, and building this race track in Wondai will give the town another boost,” he said.

Mayor Wayne Kratzmann said he also supported the motion.

“The people behind the Wondai Street Sprints put together Motors In Motion and know what they’re doing,” the Mayor said.

“Motor racing is a very popular sport because lots of people identify with it, and the biggest problem with motor racing events is traffic control.

“The Industrial Estate is a perfect venue because it’s just off a main highway in an enclosed area, and on a weekend there’s no traffic and plenty of room for parking.”

Cr Tessman’s motion was carried.

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