November 3, 2014

by Debbie Ovens

Results from futsal games played in Kingaroy on Thursday, October 30:

Bees 6 defeated Nike Blitz 4, with Bees Sam McCarthy scoring four goals.

It was a very close game between Real Madrid and Barcelona with just one goal separating the teams. Real Madrid won 5-4.

Man U scored 9 goals to defeat Pink 3.

In the Youth division, Unreal Madrid defeated The Tools 20-1. Unreal Madrid’s Bao Truong scored 10 goals.

The Germans 16 defeated Pacey’s Team 3. The Germans’ Josh Harley scored 5 goals.

In a very close game, Fobalicious 4 defeated City 3. All City’s goals where scored by Gary Honhold.

In Seniors, FC Poor Toe defeated Da Brady Bunch 20-7.

The Germans’ 6 defeated Benchwarmers 1.

Zenix 11 defeated Gunners 6.

In a close game, D-Gen 8 defeated Gunnettes 6.

Panthers 16 defeated Bakery Boys 2.

* * *
Draw for Thursday, November 6:

3:45pm – Miniss v Miniss
4:45pm – Nike Blitz v Barcelona
5:45pm – City v Alex’s Team
6:45pm – FC Poor Toe v Bakery Boys
7:30pm – Benchwarmers v Da Brady Bunch
8:15pm – Gunnettes v The Germans

3:45pm – Bees v Man U
4:45pm – Pink v Real Madrid
5:45pm – Fobalicious v Pacey’s Team
6:45pm – The Germans v Tools
7:30pm – Zenix v Panthers
8:15pm – D Gen v Gunners
Unreal Madrid – bye

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