Emily Flynn
The first arrival at the formal was Emily Flynn, who rode in on “Shandy”
2013 anango High School Formal
Not all the evening’s dates were full size …
(Photo: clivelowephotography.com.au)

November 14, 2013

The South Burnett’s “formal season” had its second burst on Thursday night when a large crowd of several hundred proud parents, relatives and friends packed Nanango State High School’s main hall forecourt for the school’s annual Year 12 formal.

The procession of arrivals was opened at 5:15pm by Emily Flynn, who arrived on “Shandy” assisted by strapper Stacey Sanders.

And over the course of the next 90 minutes, a steady procession of cars, trucks and even a few more horses brought the rest of the Year 12 students up to the red carpet.

Once there, they braved a battery of amateur and professional photographers before entering the hall for the evening’s festivities.

The weather may have been overcast and threatening rain, but in the end the weather gods smiled on the event and the night stayed dry and pleasant.

The female students were all elegantly attired, and several dresses produced spontaneous exclamations of delight from onlookers as the girls exited their vehicles or alighted from their horses.

So did a few of the more colourful male outfits, though most dates opted for more formal dark colours.

The students will now begin preparing for their final exams before moving on to tertiary studies or out into the workforce.

2013 Nanango High School Formal
Students paused to show off their outfits to the crowd of several hundred who’d gathered in the hall’s forecourt to watch the arrivals

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