Jest Call Me Cowboy
The madcap cast of “Jest Call Me Cowboy” will be rolling out the laughs in a new theatre-restaurant show being performed at the Kingaroy, Wondai and Nanango RSLs over the next few weeks
Tony Murphy
Simple-minded Johnny (Tony Murphy) displays some hidden talents when his clothes are stolen

November 14, 2013

A new theatre-restaurant production will erupt into life at Kingaroy RSL this Friday night when the Nanango Theatre Company take their latest show “Jest Call Me Cowboy” on the road.

This rollicking good show features a big cast made up of many of the region’s best theatrical performers; a well-written script by local playwright Judith Prior; and generous dollops of good humour that should make for a great night out.

“Jest Call Me Cowboy” centres around the adventures of group of Wild west misfits who inhabit the run-down Silver Slipper Saloon.

They include the amiable but often drunk Sheriff (Brad Boynton), saloon owner Maggie (Megan Fearby), irascible rifleman Wild Bill (Trevor Ivins), Father O’Malley (Kendall Siddans), good time bar girls Sue-Ellen and Mary-Lou (Kieran Abbott and Katie Campbell), Sue-Ellen’s simple-minded brother Johnny (Tony Murphy) and dour Indian squaw White Dove (Abigail Andersson).

One day their deliberations are interrupted by mail delivery girl Miss Annie (Margie Williams) who arrives with news that famous movie producer Cecil B. DeMille (Warren Wintour) is coming to visit the town to shoot a movie.

Soon after that all hell – or at least, several large chunks of it – breaks loose.

“Jest Call Me Cowboy” is a light-hearted, side-splitting romp through a posse of Wild West cliches that’s delivered with genuine verve and gusto by the players, who also include Jocelyn Richardson, Ted Wall, Clive Reinbott and Vic Collins in supporting roles.

The cast have been rehearsing the new show since late August, and went into final dress rehearsals this week.

“Jest Call Me Cowboy” will be performed at the:

  • Kingaroy RSLon November 15 and 16
  • Wondai RSLon November 23
  • Nanango RSL on November 29 and 30
  • NEW! Kingaroy RSLon December 6 and 7

Tickets for a two-course meal and the show are $40 per head ($35 per head for groups of eight or more). Doors wil open at 6:00pm, and all performances will start at 7:00pm.

Tickets can be obtained at each RSL, or by phoning (0409) 895-527

Update November 22, 2013:

Jest Call Me Cowboy has proven so popular that two additional performances will now be held at Kingaroy RSL on December 6 and 7.

Cast members said they were “absolutely thrilled” with the response the new show has received.

The first two performances on November 15-16 played to audiences of around 100 people each night, and one of the two Nanango shows is already booked out.


Abigail Andersson, Trevor Ivins and Marie Williams
Indian squaw White Dove (Abigail Andersson), eccentric rifleman Wild Bill (Trevor Ivins) and mailman Miss Annie (Margie Williams) deliver knock-out laughs all night
Jest Call Me Cowboy
Some of the “Jest Call Me Cowboy” cast during final rehearsals this week – the new show features a big roll-up of great local performers ready to deliver audiences a fun night out

[Top photo: Nancy Jayde Photography]

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