Brad Boynton and Shane Seaton
Tom (Brad Boynton) and Stan (Shane Seaton) in a scene from the Nanango Theatre Company’s latest production, “Lesser Evils”

April 27, 2013

by Dafyd Martindale

A sudden vacancy in a key role just two weeks before opening night hasn’t put a dampener on the Nanango Theatre Company’s latest production, “Lesser Evils”.

Playwright Liz Schneidewin put up her hand to fill the part during rehearsals and the play made its debut on schedule last night.

“As we say, ‘The show must go on!'” Liz joked last week when the NTC put on a full dress rehearsal for a small group of friends and well-wishers.

The new production is a comedy/drama about the ups and downs of modern life.

Artist Sandra (Kieran Abbott), who is estranged from husband Richard (Tony Murphy), shares a flat with her useless boyfriend Tom (Brad Boynton).

Their apartment is visited throughout the play by a variety of Sandra’s friends and acquaintances including best friend Allie (Liz Schneidewin), Allie’s son Sean (Brenton Cullen), security guard Jones (Kendall Siddans), Sandra’s landlady (Tracy Clark) and a business associate of Tom’s (Shane Seaton).

The two-act play – which opens with Sandra almost gassing herself – is both rip-roaringly funny and powerfully moving by turns.

While it appears to dwell on the trivial details of life, the play also touches on much bigger themes, and does so with intelligence and compassion.

The seasoned cast all turn in excellent performances (Brad Boynton is particularly outstanding as the loathsome Tom) and all the characters are perfectly believable, something not often seen in amateur theatre,

“Lesser Evils” is being performed at the Nanango Theatre Company’s Opera House at the corner of Elk and George Streets, Nanango, at 7:00pm on Friday and Saturday April 26-27, May 3-4 and May 10-11. There’ll also be a special 2:00pm matinee performance on Saturday, May 4.

Tickets for all supper nights – where a light supper is served at intermission – are $20 for adults or $15 concessions.

However the final performance on May 11 will be a Wine & Cheese Night where admission is $25 per head.

Tickets can be obtained in advance from the Nanango Visitor Information Centre at the George Street Energy Museum or by phoning (07) 4171-0100.

Unless sold out, some tickets will also be available at the door 30 minutes before each performance.

Liz Schneidwin and Kieran Abbot
Allie (Liz Schneidewin) explains to Sandra (Kieran Abbott) how she almost cooked her baby by accident
Nanango Theatre Company
The actors: Shane Seaton, Tracy Clark, Brad Boynton, Kieran Abbott, Tony Murphy, Brenton Cullen, Liz Schneidewin and Kendall Siddans

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