Barambah could not penetrate Nanango’s defence in the 1st Division match played at Murgon on Sunday
Barambah showed some flair in the mid-field but were starved of the ball

August 13, 2012

By Martin Stern
Football South Burnett

In the last game of the season, 1st Division rivals Gunners and Wests battled it out for second position enabling the winner to have an extra chance in the finals.

Wests needed a win while Gunners only needed a draw.

The match started off at a fierce pace with both sides contesting the ball like it was gold.

Wests settled into their usual possession game but could not breach the Gunners’ defence.

In the 24th minute, Gunners’ lone striker Ryan Mooney received a long ball while Wests were caught up field, and made no mistake putting it past the Wests’ keeper.

Tempers were on edge during the entire game. Several players were yellow carded and one Gunners player was sent off five minutes before half-time.

The second half was a real battle with Gunners grimly holding on with 10 men. Wests had a few opportunities to score but the Gunners’ defence remained rock solid.

Gunners had a couple of opportunities to go ahead but in the end the score remained 1-0 to Gunners, who now play Nanango in the Major Semi-Final, while Wests play Barambah in the Elimination Semi-Final.

Best on the paddock for Gunners were Mitch Potter, Darren Moseling, Jim Dundas and Ryan Mooney up front, while for Wests Chris Boyes, Aidan Maher and Jamie Neil were the pick for Wests.

In the Women’s Minor Premiers, Wests found some form before the semi-finals by defeating Gunnettes 2- 0.

Wests only had nine players on the park but Gunnettes could not take advantage of this.

Hayley Hunter scored both goals for Wests in the 5th and 38th minutes of the game.

In 2nd Division, Wests trounced Gunners 6-0.

Jack Fleming scored four for his team while Ryan Francis and Sam Gray chipped in with one apiece.

* * *

Full Results for August 11 and 12:

Saturday (in Kingaroy)
1st Division: Gunners 1 (Ryan Mooney), Wests 0
2nd Division: Wests 6 (Jack Flemming 4, Ryan Francis, Sam Gray), Gunners 0
Women’s: Wests 2 (Haly Hunter 2), Gunnettes 0

Sunday (in Murgon)
1st Division: Nanango 6 (Brendan Stern 2, Justin Mangan, Kieran Mangan, Damien Walters, Chris Walters), Barambah 0
2nd Division: Nanango 1 (Trevor Adams), Barambah 0
Women’s: Barambah 2 (Brooke Wasmund, Kristy Czerniec), Nanango 0

* * *

The semi-finals of the Evolution Solar Football League will be played in Murgon next Sunday:
9:00am: 2nd Div Elimination – Wests v Gunners
11:00am: 2nd Div Major – Nanango v Barambah
1:00pm: Women’s Elimination – Barambah v Gunnettes
3:00pm: Women’s Major – Wests v Nanango
5:00pm: 1st Div Elimination – Wests v Barambah
7:00pm: 1st Div Major – Nanango v Gunners

Nanango defeated Barambah 6-nil in 1st Division on Sunday at Murgon

* * *

A big congratulations to Tracey Tunstall who has been nominated for a Football Queensland Volunteer of the Year award.

Tracey is secretary of Football South Burnett Inc and is also the main organiser for all the junior games.

The winner of the Queensland award will go on to represent Queensland in the 2012 Australian Football Awards. is also very grateful to Tracey for her assistance with supplying all the junior soccer results.  Go get ’em Tracey!

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