Nanango RSL Sub-Branch Auxiliary will receive a grant so its members can undertake first aid training (Photo: Ergon)

February 22, 2024

The Nanango RSL Sub-Branch Auxiliary will receive a $2800 grant from the 2024 Ergon-Energex Community Fund.

The Auxiliary plans to use the money to run a first aid course for Auxiliary volunteers who provide regular welfare to veterans.

It will also provide a safer environment for community members attending their commemorative events and fundraisers.

The Auxiliary was one of 19 groups to receive a grant under the Ergon-Energex program.

The Bell Bunya Community Centre Association will receive $2300 to buy new energy-efficient pumps for their rainwater tanks.

However, both these groups missed out on the $5000 People’s Choice bonus, which was awarded from public votes on the fund’s web page.

The extra money went to the Queensland Koala Society at Chandler which will receive $9530 to install fencing to enclose an already planted fodder farm / eucalyptus plantation for koala joeys’ in their second stage of rehabilitation.


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