After 49 issues, the monthly Yarraman Junction community magazine has decided to cease publication

July 5, 2022

Yarraman’s popular monthly community magazine “Yarraman Junction” has come to an end.

In the magazine’s July edition – released earlier this week – editor Tania Paul said that after producing 49 issues she felt it was time to step down so she could rest.

“The Yarraman Business group started this … with the intention of creating a free community magazine that provided a platform for the sharing of positive community news and happenings, a place to celebrate the good things about Yarraman and surrounding towns,” Tania said in her final editorial.

“I believe we have been incredibly successful in our aim, and the many positive comments we receive are testament to that fact.

“My decision to step down as editor is a personal one – I am tired.”

Tania also thanked the many contributors, photographers, distributors, printers and advertisers who’d played a part in publication.

“I can’t possibly start listing names,” Tania said.

“I’m terrified I will miss someone and there are so many on this vast team who deserve thanks.

“Thank you to you all for making this magazine possible.”

Speaking to, Tania said the decision to close the publication had been extremely difficult but the need to attend to other business and community commitments had forced her hand.

The magazine was run entirely by volunteers on a non-profit basis and demanded many hours of work from everyone involved.

However, she was proud that since it began in February 2018 Yarraman Junction had generated 1568 pages of content and 73,500 copies.

She also remained hopeful “something else” would appear in the future.

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