Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett is part of a national network that advises and assists State and Federal Governments on regional economic development initiatives
Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett chairman Bill Trevor

March 15, 2022

Regional Development Australia Wide Bay Burnett (RDA) is seeking a volunteer committee member from the South Burnett.

The committee member must be knowledgeable about the economic, social, cultural and environmental opportunities and the challenges facing the region; be well connected and a strong advocate for their community.

RDA chair Bill Trevor said the successful applicant would play an important role representing the South Burnett’s interests and opportunities to improve economic outcomes.

“The successful candidate will be an active contributor to the outcomes of a diverse organisation of individuals working in a complex environment to deliver high value outcomes for the community and supporting local jobs and regional growth,” he said.

“They will be expected to leverage existing networks and develop new networks across industry sectors.”

RDA is a national network of committees made up of local leaders who work with all levels of government, business and community groups to support the economic development of their regions.

Selection criteria for the committee position includes:

  • Leadership and governance: The successful applicant will have experience and capability of leading organisations and be able to demonstrate an understanding of the governance and performance management principles that apply. They will be familiar with the types of governance processes required to manage an organisation, Board or committee and have leadership experience.
  • Delivery focus: The successful applicant has most likely had experience in actively leading high-performing organisations that have had success in achieving difficult outcomes in a complex environment.
  • Business acumen: The successful applicant will have a history of making successful organisational decisions and being able to recognise and seize business opportunities. The applicant has most likely had a career working in successful ventures that may be focussed on one industry or in a public sector or not-for-profit organisation. The applicant has functioned as a leader in some capacity in the roles they have had and been successful in these roles.
  • Stakeholder engagement: The successful applicant will have had experience managing a broad range of stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes.
  • Representational skills: The successful applicant has most likely had experience representing either their region, business and/or industry. They understand the complexities in representing a diverse group such as a region, business and/or industry.
  • Commitment to the region: The successful applicant will have a clear commitment to the region and have strong personal and business networks. They will understand and be able to articulate the opportunities facing the region. The applicant may have spent substantial time in the region and be a very active member of the community.

“We look forward to strong interest from a diversity of regional leaders across the South Burnett in joining the RDA team,” Mr Trevor said.

More information and an application pack can be found on the RDA website

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