The bumper run of prices that cattle producers have enjoyed this year showed no signs of easing at the SBLX Prime Sale in Murgon on Tuesday (Photo: AL&L)

December 16, 2021

by Aussie Land & Livestock

Agents yarded 247 head over the scales along with 40 PTIC heifers and 19 cows and calves at the SBLX Prime Sale open auction in Murgon on Tuesday (December 14).

The market was fully firm to dearer in all stores and backgrounders, while cows and bulls remained firm on last week’s rates.

A line of PTIC heifers ex-Gympie were highly sought after for replacement breeders, with the top two pens of Angus X and Charbray making $2800 and the line averaging $2640.

Cattle for the sale were drawn from Nanango, Kingaroy, Proston, Gympie, Mt Perry, Tansey, Wondai, Tingoora, Gayndah, Brooweena and Mundubbera.

Sale results:

  • Cows ex-Barkers Creek weighing 465kg made $3.90/kg and $1814
  • 368kg Store cows ex-Proston returned $3.54/kg at $1304
  • Mickey bulls weighing 365kg ex-Proston sold to $5.34/kg and $1950
  • 378kg Mickey bulls from Murgon sold at $5.00/kg and $1850
  • Feeder steers weighing 352kg ex-Murgon sold for $6.60/kg at $2324
  • Feeder steers from Wondai weighing 360kg sold to $6.90/kg, returning $2485
  • Slightly heavier feeder steers from Murgon (395kg) sold at $6.04/kg and $2380
  • Feeder steers ex-Nanango sold to $6.00/kg and $2275
  • 323kg Medium steers from Gayndah sold at $7.18/kg and $2325
  • Medium steers ex-Nanango weighing 305kg sold for $6.88/kg and $2104
  • 205kg Light steers from Nanango sold to $8.02/kg and $1644
  • Weaner Angus steers from Coolabunia weighing 262kg sold at $7.88/kg and $2069
  • Light steers ex-Wondai sold to $7.70/kg at $1540
  • Light heifers from Tingoora weighing 165kg sold for $7.48/kg and $1234
  • Light heifers ex-Nanango sold for $7.36/kg at $1454
  • 291kg Medium heifers from Murgon sold for $7.46/kg at $2176
  • Four Tooth heifers from Brooweena sold for $4.88/kg at $2109
  • Charolais cows & calves from Murgon sold for $3550
  • Droughtmaster cows & calves – also ex-Murgon – sold for $3500
  • Aged Charbray cows & calves from Kilkivan sold for $3000
  • Charolais cows & calves ex-Murgon sold for $3275

The next sale will be on Tuesday, January 11 at Murgon and Coolabunia.

The A.L.L. Special Store Sale will be held at Coolabunia on Thursday, January 20.

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