A big crowd was at Murgon Showgrounds to cheer the home side on
Ashley Smallwood scores the second of his three tries for Kingaroy

June 18, 2021

One of the biggest crowds seen at a South Burnett rugby league game this season turned out at Murgon last Saturday.

The big attraction was a series of Over 35s games which lured a lot of old players from as far afield as Kilkivan to return to strap on their footy boots (see the results, below).

But there were also plenty of junior games, an exciting Under 18s clash between the South Burnett Eagles and the Goondiwindi Boars, and two A Grade fixtures played under lights.

* * *

In the first A Grade game, Kingaroy Red Ants took on the home team, Murgon Mustangs, in an entertaining game.

At half-time, the Red Ants were just ahead, 18-14.

But four tries by Kingaroy in just 10 minutes after the break sealed the Mustangs’ fate.

The final score was Kingaroy 40, Murgon 24.

Murgon try scorers were Luke Dudgeon, Michael Shepherd, Chris Bond, Daron Saltner-Bligh and Barry Tapau-Fewquandie.

Daron Saltner-Bligh kicked two goals.

Kingaroy try-scorers were Ashley Smallwood (3), Jack Sullivan (2), Corey Cross and Christopher Quinn.

Luke Hedges kicked six goals.

Three minutes from full-time, Barry Tapau-Fewquandie shakes off tackles to score a consolation try for Murgon

* * *

The second A Grade game at Murgon was also a good contest.

Cherbourg ended up winning, but Wolves’ fans should be happy with the closer scoreline: 44-36.

Cherbourg try scorers included Tyreese Gyemore, Marcus Dynevor, Alex Speedy, Keith Gadd Jr and Thomas Simpson.

Alex Speedy kicked four goals and Tyreese Gyemore and Bernard Hopkins kicked one apiece.

Wondai tries were scored by Racerdo Arnold (2), Alex Georgetown, Sonny Weazel, Jack McDowell, Steven Langton-Watcho and Malachi Hill.

Goals were kicked by Alex Georgetown (3) and Alfred Watcho (1).

* * *

Over 35s Results

The combined Kingaroy / Wondai side showed they still had it in the Over 35s mini-carnival at Murgon, winning all four of their games:

  • Kingaroy / Wondai 4 def. Murgon 0
  • Kingaroy / Wondai 8 def. Goomeri / Kilkivan 4
  • Goomeri / Kilkivan 4 tied with Murgon 4
  • Kingaroy / Wondai 8 def. Murgon 4
  • Kingaroy / Wondai 4 def. Goomeri / Kilkivan 0
  • Murgon 4 def. Goomeri / Kilkivan 0

* * *

Under 14s

  • Kingaroy Red Ants defeated Nanango Stags 40-0 in their Under 14s game at Murgon.

Kingaroy try scorers were Corey McIntyre (2), Tommy Beil (2), Brayden Watcho, Liam Irwin and Harry Bell. Lawson Braithwaite kicked six goals.

  • In the second Under 14s game, Murgon Mustangs defeated Chinchilla 50-12.

Murgon tries were scored by Darryl Gyemore (3), Dustin Ramke (2), Zachary Harris, Ziggy Pidgeon, Trent Aubrey and Triston Greaves. Goals were kicked by Will Webber (3), Zac Harris (2), Darryl Gyemore and Dustin Ramke.

Chinchilla try scorers were Koen Zerbst, Linx Harth and Frankie Bligh.

* * *

Under 18s

Lloyd Langton broke the deadline with an intercept, scoring under the posts

South Burnett Eagles defeated Goondiwindi 28-12 in their Under 18s Toowoomba JRL game at Murgon.

The final scoreline didn’t reflect the closeness of the game, as the scores were locked at 12-all with 20 minutes left on the clock.

Lloyd Langton, Matthew Springate and Killian Klease then scored three quick tries to put the Eagles on top.

Langton used his now-trademark intercept skills to break the deadlock … grabbing the ball to run the length of the field and score under the posts.

And Springate’s try followed a 40-20 kick which gave the South Burnett perfect field position close to the Goondiwindi line.

South Burnett try scorers were Killian Klease, Lloyd Langton, Lennox Bligh, Matthew Springate and Tyler Prescott. Lloyd Langton kicked four goals.

Goondiwindi tries were scored by Myles Gibson and Isaiah Duroux. Two goals were kicked by Jermaine McGrady.

Killian Klease puts the icing on the cake for the South Burnett Eagles, scoring in the corner

* * *

Other Results 

At Cahill Park, Gatton:

  • Under 15s – Gatton 18 def. South Burnett Eagles 4
  • Under 16s – South Burnett Eagles 18 def. Brothers / Gatton 12

* * *

This Week’s Games

Friday Night (at Nanango):

  • 5:30pm – Under 35kg v Mix Team
  • 6:30pm – Under 12s – Kingaroy 1 v Kingaroy 2

Saturday (at Nanango)

  • 8:00am – Under 6s
  • 8:00am – Under 10s – Kingaroy 2 v Murgon 2
  • 8:50am – Under 10s – Kingaroy 1 v Cherbourg / Wondai
  • 9:00am – Under 8s – Kingaroy 2 v Murgon 2
  • 9:40am – Under 10s – Murgon 1 v Nanango
  • 10:00am – Under 8s – Kingaroy 1 v Cherbourg / Wondai
  • 10:30am – Under 12s – Cherbourg v Murgon 2
  • 11:00am – Under 8s – Nanango v Murgon 1
  • 11:30am – Under 12s – Kingaroy 3 v Under 43kg
  • 12:10pm – Under 12s – Nanango v Murgon 1
  • 1:00pm – Under 14s – Kingaroy v Murgon
  • 2:00pm – Under 14s – Nanango v Chinchilla
  • 3:00pm – Under 18s – South Burnett v Warwick (TJRL)
  • 4:15pm – A Grade – Nanango v Murgon
  • 5:30pm – A Grade – Kingaroy v Wondai

Women’s Teams (Saturday)

  • 9:20am – Under 13s (at Pittsworth)
  • 2:40pm – Under 15s (at Toowoomba)
  • 3:50pm – Under 17s (at Toowoomba)

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