The explosion blew holes in the roof of the turbine hall at Callide C (Photo: CS Energy)

June 2, 2021

CS Energy has released an image of the badly damaged Unit C4 which exploded last week at the Callide C power station near Biloela, blacking out wide swathes of Queensland.

CEO Andrew Bills said the photo underscored the efforts of the first responders who ensured everyone was evacuated from the site safely.

“I’ve spoken to the first responders personally and I commend them on their efforts,” Mr Bills said.

“It is too early to speculate as to the cause of the incident and we need to undertake a thorough and comprehensive investigation working with all authorities and regulators to determine the cause.

“There will be multiple stakeholders investigating what has occurred at Callide and we need to ensure it is a co-ordinated, comprehensive and independent process.”

CS Energy has announced it plans to rebuild the damaged unit.

Three other power generating units at Callide B and Callide C will be returning to service soon.

CS Energy informed AEMO on Tuesday that Unit B1 will be returned to service on June 11 and B2 on June 21. Unit C3 will return on June 22.

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