South Burnett CTC Youth & Community Services manager Kirsten Firman

April 15, 2021

South Burnett CTC will be hosting the next get-together of Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce and Industry members.

The meet’n’greet will be held from 5:15pm on Tuesday, April 27, at the Kingaroy Youth Park in Somerset Street, Kingaroy.

Guest speakers include Kirsten Firman, from CTC, who will provide a short overview on CTC services and touch on issues including homelessness, domestic violence, mental health and emergency relief.

CTC will provide catering through The Gumnut Place and set up some small pop-up displays for members to browse while eating.

The second guest speaker will be South West District Regional Crime Inspector, Detective Inspector Chris Knight.

Cost is $10.00 per person (KCCI members) or $15 for non-members.

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