FLASHBACK: Visit South Burnett president Jason Kinsella with new Tourism Officer Taylor Christies in January … Ms Christies was hired after a  lengthy search by VSB to find the best applicant

March 11, 2021

Tourism Officer Taylor Christies has resigned after just six weeks in the role.

Ms Christies was appointed in January by local tourism group, Visit South Burnett (VSB), and given the challenge of increasing the region’s visitor numbers over the next few years

She resigned on Tuesday afternoon.

VSB president Jason Kinsella said the group had immediately begun the search for a replacement officer.

“We are preparing a new Seek ad now and will be requesting assistance from the South Burnett Regional Council’s HR department with the recruitment process,” Mr Kinsella said.

VSB currently has 96 members.

“At the end of the day, it’s just important that we keep moving forward,” Mr Kinsella said.

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