November 16, 2020

Ergon Energy is encouraging people to sign up to receive free SMS alerts about power outages.

The service also provides property owners with an SMS reminder five days before any planned power interruptions for network maintenance occur at their address.

Spokesperson Michael Dart said the SMS service was ideal for helping people plan their lives around unexpected and planned disruptions to power to their house.

“At Ergon we know any power interruption can be inconvenient, but these SMS notifications will allow you to better plan when outages occur,” Mr Dart said.

“For example, when our crews have to carry out network maintenance and need to interrupt power we’ll always send a notification via post at least four days beforehand, but people who have signed up for the SMS service will also get a text.

“When unexpected outages occur during events such as storms, we will send an SMS to affected customers and another text once power is restored.

“This allows customers to make other arrangements – they can leave their property when the outage occurs and return once they receive a text that power has been reconnected.”

To receive outage notifications register at or phone 13-74-66.

You will need to have your latest electricity bill on hand to answer a few questions.

Ergon Energy customers wanting to keep an eye on power issues in their area in near real time can also check the Outage Finder for details.

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