Paul J. Turner in 2017 (Photo: Facebook)

October 23, 2020

A legend of Queensland radio – who began his career at 4SB in Kingaroy in the late 1960s – died earlier this week after a long battle with cancer.

Paul J. Turner was the son of Kingaroy’s Anglican rector, Rev Canon Leslie Turner, when he started at 4SB.

Paul J. worked at many radio stations throughout his career, including 4GY in Gympie and multiple stations in Brisbane, including 4BC, 4BH and 4BK.

After 4SB he worked for a stint in Newcastle, NSW.

He was at 4IP / Radio 10 during the 1970s-80s where he was one of the station’s most popular announcers during the golden years of rock radio.

During the mid-1980s he was program director at 4KQ.

Ekka visitors would also remember Paul J. for his work for many years as stage manager and compere.

Cherbourg Radio’s Michael Monk said he had left behind an amazing legacy,

“Paul was very helpful when I was running a small network of narrowcasters in the South Burnett and Lockyer Valley – a familiar voice to many in our region going back many years,” he said.

In his later career, Paul J. worked in community radio and did voice and advertising spots for stations, including CROW-FM.

CROW-FM’s David Nugent said Paul J. had been a hero.

“He was a lovely guy and had a magic voice,” David said.

“I was always in awe of him and his marvellous voice.”

Former South Burnett Regional Councillor Barry Green was an announcer at 4SB when Paul J. started. 

He recalled that Paul J. had always been “a bloody good announcer” and had displayed his talent right from the start.



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