Essential Health Services’ manager Geoff French (Photo: Supplied)

August 31, 2020

Ten South Burnett residents with low to mid-range mental health issues will now have the opportunity to have regular chats with pre-graduate psychology students in a unique partnership.

Essential Health Services’ manager Geoff French – who operates businesses in Nanango and Kingaroy – said the free service was being offered by videolink in collaboration with the University of Southern Queensland.

Mr French said the students would be working under the guidance of a clinical psychologist.

He expected people with concerns about COVID-19, the drought, bushfires, grief, eating disorders, depression and anxiety could make use of the service.

“We now can offer 10 people immediate assistance without having to wait,” Mr French said.

“No GP appointments needed and no waiting for a spot to open with specialists. All you need to do is call.”

Mr French said there was a great need for mental health assistance in the South Burnett.

“We expect we can take more cases than the 10 new clients soon,” Mr French said.

“But we want to start off slow ensuring we are offering quality care and best practice procedures.”

Mr French said this was a rare opportunity which he had been fighting to offer in the area for quite a while.

For more information, phone 0437-770-595.

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