Swickers General Manager Linchon Hawks

July 22, 2020

Swickers is investigating a water recycling project at its Kingaroy pork abattoir that has the potential to relieve pressure on the town’s water supply.

General manager Linchon Hawks told southburnett.com.au that if water levels continued to drop, this would increase the risk of the South Burnett region and Swickers running out of water.

“Swickers needs a secure water supply to not only continue its current business but also if it wants to explore any further opportunities in the future,” Mr Hawks said.

“Swickers is currently investigating a green water recycling project which is one of a number of projects that have been identified by the Burnett Water Feasibility Study as potential opportunities for our region. 

“This feasibility study is a proactive approach by the South Burnett Regional Council and has been funded through the Australian Government’s National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.

“Funding for the identified projects are yet to be determined.

“Our project is for a recycled water purification plant located at the Swickers Kingaroy site.

“This will produce potable water for use at the facility and, in turn, it will reduce the water demand by potentially 5 megalitres per week on the town water system.

“The plant will also be designed to be easily upgraded to allow for higher volumes of water to be produced if required.”

KCCI president Damien Martoo told ABC local radio on Monday that Kingaroy needs a long-term solution to its water security issues so its industries can keep growing.

Echoing comments by Mayor Brett Otto last week, Mr Martoo said businesses would be put off investing if there was no reliable water supply.

Mayor Otto later made it clear that Kingaroy’s urban water supply was not at immediate risk of failure.

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