The South Burnett’s population continues to go nowhere, according to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics

May 6, 2020

The South Burnett recorded its third consecutive year of population decline in 2019, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

The ABS reported the region’s population shrank by 28 people last year to 32,521.

It is the region’s fifth population decline recorded by the ABS during the past six years, and there are now fewer people calling the South Burnett home than at any time since 2012.

The latest data comes against a background of booming growth in most of Australia’s capital cities, and most of the South Burnett’s neighbours.

The ABS reported that the number of people living in Australia’s capitals increased by 303,100 people during 2018-19.

Melbourne (population 5.078 million) led the way with a 2.3 per cent growth rate.

This was followed by Brisbane (population 2.514 million) with 2.1 per cent growth, and Sydney (5.312 million) with a 1.7 per cent growth rate.

Neighbouring regions to the north and west of the South Burnett also grew their populations last year.

Gympie Region’s population increased by 1.68 per cent to 52,446; Fraser Coast (population 106,712) enjoyed a 1.2 per cent lift; and the Bundaberg Region (population 95,856) saw a 0.6 per cent lift.

To the west, Toowoomba (population 169,008) had population growth of 0.83 per cent; and Western Downs (population 34,585) had 0.37 per cent growth.

However, the North Burnett (population 10,599) reported a decline, with its population dropping by 25 residents (-0.24 per cent) over the past year.

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2 Responses to "Population Drops For Third Year"

  1. Greg Pomfret  May 6, 2020

    These figures should be a wake-up call that there is a hard job ahead for the new council to promote the South Burnett, try to get more business into this area and keep jobs local – a job the last two previous councils couldn’t do.

    My belief is to always put up a solution to a problem, and in my opinion the best business would be a jail as there is land, water and power at Tarong and the employment opportunity in both constructing and running this facility would be unbelievable.

    I have worked for many years as a sub-contractor in three jail facilities (all high security and above) and know that all towns in the South Burnett would benefit greatly, directly and indirectly. Just my opinion.

  2. Kelsey M.  May 7, 2020

    No, not a jail! I cite Maryborough here when I say that a nearby jail can only make things worse for the region. Maryborough was a beautiful town until the jail was built. Then all the low-lives followed their imprisoned family members and populated the town and turned it into a cesspit.

    Sure. “Growth.” Do we really want that type of growth?


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