Action from the Under 16s girls game between the South Burnett and Fraser Coast at Murgon Sportsground last Saturday, part of the 47th Battalion selection trials … the home side won 12-4

May 17, 2019

Murgon will be the place to be for rugby league fans – again – with another huge day of football planned this Saturday at Murgon Showgrounds.

Games will be played across six fields for the annual Domestic Violence Awareness round.

This is the third year the Murgon Mustangs has hosted a DV Day to raise awareness in the community that there is “no excuse for abuse”.

The official opening ceremony will be held at 1:00pm.

Junior sides will be in action from 8:00am but the highlight of the day will be the Stanwell 9s which will feature South Burnett A Grade teams.

The final, which offers $1000 for the winner and $500 for the runner-up, will be played under lights from 7:15pm.

There’ll also be a women’s league game during the afternoon plus Murgon Under 16s will play a Round 3 game of the Toowoomba JRL competition, taking on Highfields.

Entry to the grounds is free and there’ll be free rides for the children.

The canteen will be open but this will be an alcohol-free event.

* * *

South Burnett Eagles women had two games scheduled for Friday night.

The U14s and U17s were due to play Warwick in Toowoomba as part of the Toowoomba Junior Rugby League competition.

The Open side are scheduled to  play Nambour on Saturday in Murgon during the DV Awareness family fun day.

* * *

Twenty-seven South Burnett Eagles have secured spots with the Wide Bay Bulls after putting in strong performances at the 47th Battalion junior rugby league trials held in Murgon last Saturday.

The young players impressed selectors during their games against visiting Fraser Coast and Bundaberg sides.

The 47th Battalion competition featured 50-minute games for U13 boys, U14 boys, U14 girls, U16 boys and U16 girls played across two fields.

Danny Young scores for the South Burnett Eagles in the U14s boys game against Fraser Coast … the visitors eventually won 28-12
Traevonnah Fisher scores for South Burnett against Fraser Coast in the U16s girls game
Glen Fisher scores for the Eagles against Fraser Coast in U16s boys

* * *

Wide Bay Bulls Teams

Under 13 Boys

1. Blake Powter (Bundaberg)
2. Noah Burns (Fraser Coast)
3. Daniel Cavanagh (Bundaberg)
4. Thomas Morcom (Bundaberg)
5. Nathan Roderick (South Burnett)
6. Zac Ellem (Bundaberg)
7. Dawson Hess (Bundaberg)
8. Joseph Doyle (Bundaberg)
9. Ethan Norman (Bundaberg)
10. Jack Schmidt (Bundaberg)
11. Kevin Langton (South Burnett)
12. Dominic Bunyoung (Bundaberg)
13. Malachi Solomon (Bundaberg)
14. Jordan Harvey (Bundaberg)
15. Lucas Brough (Bundaberg)
16. Christian Simpson (South Burnett)
17. Nicholas Divljak (Fraser Coast)
18. Noah Law (Bundaberg)
19. Travis Larner (South Burnett)

Shadow players: Sebastian Brennan (Bundaberg) and Jett Maher (Bundaberg)

* * *

Under 14 Boys

1. Joel Fewquandie (South Burnett)
2. Adam Khan (Fraser Coast)
3. Jacob Roberts (Fraser Coast)
4. Junior Tuitoma (Bundaberg)
5. Thomas Oram (South Burnett)
6. Jai Ward (Fraser Coast)
7. Dominique Sandow (South Burnett)
8. Coen Searl (Bundaberg)
9. Eden Wheeler (Fraser Coast)
10. Dylan Beer (Bundaberg)
11. Robert Borsboom (Fraser Coast)
12. Kayleb Angeles (Fraser Coast)
13. Harry Armstrong (Fraser Coast)
14. Caleb Johnson (Bundaberg)
15. Ryan Smith (Bundaberg)
16. Morgan Hale (Bundaberg)
17. Bayden Alexander (South Burnett)
18. Kelly Purkis (Bundaberg)
19. Jack Picaro (Bundaberg)

* * *

Under 14 Girls

1. Faith Ramsay (South Burnett)
2. Georgia Berry (Bundaberg)
3. Savannah Roberts (Fraser Coast)
4. Diamond Togo-Rainbow (Fraser Coast)
5. Sadie Langton (South Burnett)
6. Lilyanna Railton-Thompson (South Burnett)
7. Caitlin Tanner (Bundaberg)
8. Brittni Soutter (South Burnett)
9. Karissa Jeffs (Bundaberg)
10. –
11. Lily Millar (South Burnett)
12. Taryn Knight (Fraser Coast)
13. Chelsea Howart (Bundaberg)
14. Ketirah Murray (South Burnett)
15. Torquasia Togo (Fraser Coast)
16. Shiloh Atkinson (Bundaberg)
17. Lacey Lee (South Burnett)
18. Hanahlin Whittard (Bundaberg)
19. Crystal Goodman-Jones (Bundaberg)

* * *

Under 16 Boys

1. Steven Walsh (South Burnett)
2. Lachlan Modrow (Bundaberg)
3. Matthew Springate (South Burnett)
4. Chad Booker-Prater (Bundaberg)
5. William Thorogood (Fraser Coast)
6. Glen Fisher (South Burnett)
7. Bradley Clarke (Bundaberg)
8. Flynn Purkis (Bundaberg)
9. Kynan Hard (Bundaberg)
10. Lennox Bligh (South Burnett)
11. Elias Broome (Fraser Coast)
12. Joel Cox (Bundaberg)
13. Connor Black (Bundaberg)
14. Christopher Kerkow (South Burnett)
15. Chilee Hope (Fraser Coast)
16. Dylan Bennett (Fraser Coast)
17. Joshua Peterson (South Burnett)
18. Heath Peel (Fraser Coast)
19. Mack Druce (Bundaberg)

Shadow Players: Alexander Druce (Bundaberg) and Harry Perrett (South Burnett)

* * *

Under 16 Girls

1. Skye Girard (Fraser Coast)
2. Sarah MacDonald (Bundaberg)
3. Natasha Nibbs (Bundaberg)
4. Tea Wright (Bundaberg)
5. Reuban-Jayne Cuthbertson (South Burnett)
6. Traevonnah Fisher (South Burnett)
7. Rashida Scott (South Burnett)
8. Aimee Barron (South Burnett)
9. Bridie Prendergast (South Burnett)
10. Chelsea Oliver (Bundaberg)
11. Tanisha Sands (Bundaberg)
12. Lakeyta Feste (Fraser Coast)
13. Shanell Johnson (Bundaberg)
14. Hannah Mountford (Bundaberg)
15. Tasma Davies (Bundaberg)
16. Jessica Vaggs (Bundaberg)
17. Tiarna Russell (Fraser Coast)
18. Ebony-Rose Doherty (Fraser Coast)
19. Rhiannah Woods (Fraser Coast)

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