A firefighter sprays foam on an electricity pole in a bid to stop further damage to the infrastructure


September 10, 2018

The QFES believes the fire that burned out a large part of the Wooroolin Wetlands on Friday – and which was still smouldering on Monday – may have been deliberately lit.

Earlier reports suggested powerlines may have caused sparking, but no blackout was recorded in the Wooroolin area.

At 11:25am on Monday, firefighters were continuing to monitor the grass fire, which was burning near Sportsground Road and East Wooroolin Road.

The fire was contained and was posing no threat to property.  

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September 7, 2018

UPDATE: At 7:15pm, nine fire units were still on scene.

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Sparking from overhead electricity wires has been blamed for a fire which broke out on the northern edge of the Wooroolin Wetlands on Friday afternoon.

The fire, in Sportsground Road, was reported about 2:50pm.

An urban firefighter was first on the scene, but he was quickly joined by other urban and rural fire crews.

At 3:40pm, four crews were at the incident with seven more on the way.

Firefighters worked to ensure flames did not damage electricity poles running along the side of the road.

Smoke from the fire could be seen from the Bunya Highway towering above the wetlands.

[Published originally as “Powerlines Spark Grass Fire”]

Flames were intense along a short stretch of Sportsground Road at the rear of the wetlands
A strip of land along the side of the road was blackened out by the fire
More foam added to a second electricity pole along the roadside

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