79-year-old Go Getta Girl Angela Clarke took part in the McDonalds Brisbane Marathon with her daughter, grand-daughter and niece and came first in her age group

August 31, 2018

A 16-strong team from Go Getta Girls Running Group travelled to Brisbane recently to compete in the McDonalds Brisbane Marathon.

Thirteen Go Getta Girls from across the South Burnett tackled the 21km half marathon event, and three tested themselves in the 10km event.

There were four first timers in the half marathon who all finished strongly.

But perhaps the most remarkable performance came from Angela Clarke, the club’s ‘elder stateswoman’ at a sprightly 79 years old, who said she was proud to be participating with her daughter, grand daughter and niece.

Angela finished first in her age group.

All the other runners did good times and said they were happy with their efforts.

* * *

The Go Getta Girls is a womens-only running club and the group have been running around the streets of Kingaroy for the past 12 years.
Each year the club runs a beginners course, which is a prerequisite for membership.

The next Beginners Course will be held on Saturday, September 15 at Memorial Park in Kingaroy, starting at 6:00am.

The four hour course includes breakfast and costs $40.

It teaches beginners of any fitness level basic running technique and skills, and gives them the confidence to become a regular runner.

The course includes hill running, stretching and running-specific strength exercises.

On completion of the course runners are welcome to join the club, though there is no obligation to do so.

The Go Getta Girls are a friendly, inclusive and non-competitive group that celebrate everyones’ efforts and achievements and there is no pressure … except perhaps to go for a coffee afterwards.

For more information about the course or to register, contact Donna on 0409-623-923 or visit the club’s Facebook page.

[Photos: Go Getta Girls]

The McDonalds Brisbane Marathon started in 1992 and attracts thousands of participants each year …
Go Getta Girl Julie chatted with Bev, one of race’s officials, before the start of her race
All up, 13 Go Getta Girls took part in the half marathon, and after it was over they adjourned to a nearby hotel for a group selfie

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