Wooroolin Lions Club members position the Stolzenberg thresher inside its new home

August 31, 2018

Visitors to Wooroolin now have the opportunity to see a piece of the South Burnett’s peanut farming industry up close following the installation of an historic Stolzenberg thresher next to the South Burnett Rail Trail.

Wooroolin Lions Club received a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund to build a shelter to house the wooden stationary thresher, which was used for many years on local properties.

Stolzenberg threshers were designed and built in Kingaroy.

Wooroolin Lions Club members moved the piece of farm machinery into its new home on Wednesday.

Club member Noel Weller said the group was now researching the history of the machine for signage which will be added to the display.

It is believed to date back to at least the 1940s and was originally owned by a local farmer, Jake Peterson.

It was then sold at auction to Ivin Ritchings who stored it at first on Stan Marshall’s property and then in Barney Horne’s shed.

Ivin donated the thresher to Wooroolin Lions about seven or eight years ago.

Noel said that because the thresher had been stored for so long it was in outstanding condition.

“We didn’t have to do anything to it, ” he said.

The last time it is known to have been used is during the “Back To Wooroolin” centenary celebrations.

Local councillor Ros Heit said she was “absolutely delighted” the thresher was now on display.

“It was one of the first peanut threshers in the region,” she said.

“I am delighted that a bit of Wooroolin’s history has been preserved.”

The thresher display is just a few metres away from the relocated Wooroolin Railway Station, another Wooroolin Lions Club project.

“The Wooroolin Lions are amazing,” Cr Heit said.

“They did an amazing job with the train station and now the thresher has been preserved.”

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