Barwoo Fisher is one of the many South Burnett players named in the 47th Battalion training squad

March 25, 2018

South Burnett Rugby League president Greg Pomfret has released the names of the players selected for the training squad for this year’s Burnett (Inland Wide Bay) 47th Battalion campaign.

The players were hand-picked after a trial game between South Burnett and North Burnett teams played on Saturday afternoon at Cherbourg.

The 2018 47th Battalion carnival will be played in Toowoomba on May 5.

The squad of 19 players (in no order):

Lachlin Smith
Brady Roberts
Ryan Brown
Patrick McCallum
Barwoo Fisher
Jye Hopkins
Thomas Orcher
Drew Jackson
Lehman Brunjes
Elvis Bell
Blake Augustine (North Burnett)
Mick Smallwood
Jayden Jarvis
Blake Harvey
Elwyn Fewquandie
Mitchell Thorburn (North Burnett)
Tuifua Tupou (North Burnett)
Zac Dann (North Burnett)
Chris Quinn
Patrick Alberts
Dennis Sandow
Karl Freeman
Cameron McDonald (North Burnett)
Tyler West (North Burnett)

Coach: Tony Mitchell
Manager: Malinda Thorburn (North Burnett)
Sports trainer: Luke Schmierer (North Burnett)
Leaguesafe / assistant coach: Jason Webber

Downer Position Vacant - click here
Downer Position Vacant - click here

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