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Kingaroy Players Off To Germany

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Gunners players William Ambrose and Lachlan Hurt are heading off to Germany next week for a whirlwind soccer tour that will see them play against some of that country's best young teams

June 9, 2017

Two young Kingaroy soccer players will be embarking on the trip of a lifetime to Germany and France next Thursday.

From June 15th to July 8th they’ll be leaving the South Burnett far behind to be coached by some of the game’s best coaches, as well as play soccer with some of Germany’s top young teams.

In between, they’ll be seeing historic sites, learning a smattering of the German language and kayaking down some of that country’s many rivers.

And at the end of this whirlwind tour, they may even be offered the chance to play in German teams at some point in the future.

The two players – William Ambrose and Lachlan Hurt – normally play for Kingaroy’s Gunners squad.

The opportunity to take part in the German tour came about when the pair took part in the Joeys Mini World Cup competition held at Inverell last year.

This annual competition began in 2010 and has rapidly grown to become one of Australia’s best tournaments for junior players.

It’s modelled on a very successful competition that has run in Germany since 2006.

At Inverell, the best field player in the Under 15s, the best field player in the Under 17s, the best field player in the Open Women and the best goalkeeper of the tournament each receive a fully paid trip to Germany the following year.

While in Germany they also receive coaching and get to play games at some of the best football centres in that country.

18 other top players in the male section and 18 top players in the female section of the Inverell event are also selected to join them on the trip at a heavily subsidised rate.

While they’re away, William and Lachlan will be visiting Frankfurt, Braunshausen, Zweibruecken, Heidstock, Elversberg, Trier, Verdun, Cottbus, Luckau, Dresden and Berlin.

On Saturday, both young men told they were very excited to be going on what – for any keen young soccer player – could be described as a “dream trip”.

“We’re getting this at a big discount on what something like this would normally cost,” William said.

“I think it’s a fantastic opportunity and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Lachlan is also very positive about the adventure and was looking forward to getting coached by some of Europe’s best, as well as playing against first rate players from German teams.

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