Cr Tim McMahon (Photo: TRC)

July 9, 2024

Toowoomba Regional Council is looking for members of the community that have a passion for ensuring the region remains vigilant in its fight against invasive plants and animals.

The Council is inviting community members to apply to join its Biosecurity Advisory Committee.

“The committee has had representatives from a broad cross section of stakeholders including councils, Landcare and environmental management groups, State Government agencies and community representatives,” Cr Tim McMahon said.

“By creating positive biosecurity behaviours across the region, we share both the responsibility and the benefits of the work of this committee.

“This includes building awareness to empower residents to report biosecurity threats. Community involvement gives us so many more sets of eyes on the ground, and biosecurity is a risk to us all, not just farmers.”

Nominations should include a one-page explanation of the reasons for seeking appointment as well as listing skills.

They can be lodged by sending an email to  before 5:00pm on July 26.


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