Marie Hooper at her desk on her last day at work, surrounded by flowers and cards

June 28, 2024

Marie Hooper’s desk was covered in flowers, cards and chocolates on Friday … which shows just how much she has meant to the many people who have walked through the doors at 6 Mary Street in Kingaroy.

This address has housed accountants for decades – originally Mortimer & Co, then Schuh Group and now Findex – and Marie has been there through all of it!

Friday was Marie’s last day behind the reception desk at the busy accountancy practice.

She started at Mortimer & Co on September 26, 1996, initially as Peter Mortimer’s personal assistant.

Over the years she also picked up new skills, completing secretarial and business courses, as well as two Associate Degrees in Business.

While her official title at the Schuh Group was “corporate receptionist”, she was dubbed “Commander-in-Chief” by at least one of the business’ clients.

After almost 28 years at 6 Mary Street, Mary admits she will miss seeing the many businesspeople who come into the office, and it is obvious they will miss her.

“I have been getting flowers all this week, and last week, and lots of clients have been calling in to say thank you,” she said.

Marie is now looking forward to travelling around Queensland during her retirement to visit friends, including the many “Nashos” she knows.

She has been involved with the National Servicemen’s Association for many years and is a former secretary of the Queensland branch.

Marie is also looking forward to “catching up” with her garden.

Her replacement at Findex is Katie Venn, who has been training under Marie’s watchful eye for the past seven months.

Katie Venn, Marie Hooper and senior manager Danielle Maudsley on Marie’s last day at work


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