Cherbourg “Champions” Department of Justice Director-General Jasmine Joldic PSM and Minister Bart Mellis with Cherbourg Mayor Bruce Simpson, centre, during their visit last week (Photo: CASC)

June 10, 2024

Cherbourg’s new State Government “champions” visited the community last week to catch up with Mayor Bruce Simpson and discuss issues with residents and council.

The “champions” program pairs a government Minister and a departmental CEO with an individual Indigenous community.

The aim is provide more opportunities for government agencies to work together as partners with identified communities towards improving outcomes.

Cherbourg’s 2024 “champions” are Bart Mellish (Minister for Transport and Main Roads and Minister for Digital Services) and Jasmina Joldic PSM (Director-General of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General).

The pair met with councillors, visited Council’s Works Depot, the Cherbourg Digital Call Centre, Nurunderi TAFE and The Ration Shed Museum.

CEO Chatur Zala said the discussions focused on Mayor Simpson’s strategic plan for the next four years, health services, law and order, housing, and the need for a new police station and space for the growing Digital Services business.

Issues raised included maintenance of the Cherbourg-Murgon Road, alcohol management and drug use in the community, and the urgent need for a new community centre and Council Chambers.

Other topics included Pathway To Treaty conversations, the formation of an Elder Council to guide CASC decisions and plans for tourism growth,

The “Champions” discussed issues with Cherbourg councillors and Council staff (Photo: CASC)
Cherbourg CEO Chatur Zala,  right, and Mayor Bruce Simpson show off one of Cherbourg’s new “smart” bins to the visitors (Photo: CASC)


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  1. I wonder if Minister Mellish experienced some of the wonderful South Burnett roads on his recent visit.

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