Murgon firefighters work to make the area safe after extinguishing the flames

June 6, 2024

Firefighters sprung into action on Thursday afternoon after an overturned vehicle was set on fire within metres of houses in Cherbourg.

The stationwagon is believed to have been dumped some time ago but was set alight on Thursday afternoon.

Fire crews were called to the blaze, behind Cobbo Street, just after 1:15pm, and quickly brought the fire under control.

Cherbourg firies were first on the scene, dousing the flames from the rear of a house yard and stopping them from destroying a nearby fence.

They were joined quickly by colleagues from Murgon station who extinguished the vehicle.

Cherbourg fire crew was first on the scene and brought the flames under the control
The vehicle was burning within metres of backyards in Cherbourg (Photo: CASC)


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