June 4, 2024

The incidence of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in Indonesia has stabilised, according to the Federal Government, with reported cases falling from over 12,000 per day in mid-2022 to about 25 per day now.

From Tuesday, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is bringing biosecurity measures for travellers arriving from Indonesia into line with other countries.

Deputy Secretary Justine Saunders said the department had continued to monitor the FMD situation closely since the initial outbreak in May 2022.

“FMD case numbers in Indonesia have stabilised and are now comparable to the 70 other countries where FMD is present,” Ms Saunders said.

​“As a result of revised scientific risk assessments, the department will remove some of the biosecurity measures at the Australian border that have applied to travellers from Indonesia since the initial FMD outbreak.

“Travellers arriving from Indonesia will now be subject to the same biosecurity controls as people arriving from any other country where FMD is present.”

This means sanitation foot mats will no longer be used for flights arriving from Indonesia.

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