Some of the items seized by police in a wanding blitz in the Ipswich area last year (Photo: QPS)

May 29, 2024

Queensland Police are launching a crime prevention campaign, “End Knife Violence”, in support of new knife laws which will come into effect on September 1.

The campaign urges Queenslanders to work together to make the State safer and raise awareness among businesses of their responsibilities once the  new legislation begins.

The new laws ban the sale of knives to juveniles.

They will also require retailers to securely store particular controlled items such as double-edged knives, machetes, tomahawks and axes and display signs regarding age-restricted items.

Any advertising of knives or controlled items that suggests them “suitable for combat” will be prohibited.

Police will be enforcing the new laws once they come into effect, including in-store compliance visits.

Jack’s Law was introduced after the stabbing death of Jack Beasley in 2019, allowing police to conduct metal detection wanding operations .

Since it was passed in March last year, 577 weapons have been seized during more than 5600 operations across the State.

More than 59,000 people have been “wanded”, with 1500 charged with 2800 offences.

* * *

Under the new laws:

  • It will become an offence to sell knives and other controlled items to juveniles
  • It will become an offence to use false identification to purchase these items
  • It will become an offence to advertise these items as ‘suitable for combat’
  • Retailers will be required to securely store particular controlled items prior to sale
  • Retailers will be required to display signage regarding age restriction for sales

The toll-free hotline for retailers for find out more information is 1800-571-146.

Businesses can also register for an online session


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  1. Is there any reason police don’t have the power to conduct wand operations anywhere anytime to detect weapons? Why are they restricted to SNPs, trains, trams, buses & ferries etc? How bad does it have to get?

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