NFF president David Jochinke (Photo: NFF)

May 20, 2024

The National Farmers’ Federation is inviting applications from under 35s for its development program for young and emerging leaders in Australian agriculture.

A spokesperson said the National Agricultural Leadership Program provides targeted activities in leadership, advocacy, policy development, governance, communications and media.

It also helps to build networks across industries.

Participants will get the opportunity to develop a policy project guided by NFF general managers and senior industry leaders. 

“Participants have the opportunity to tour Australia’s Parliament House and meet with Federal politicians and government departments,” NFF president David Jochinke said.

“By fostering a young person’s interest in advocacy, we are able to showcase the next generation to our political leaders and develop a network of skilled professionals to lead our industry into the future.”

The program is free for all participants.

  • Applications are open until June 3. More in formation is available online


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