Dumped fibro roofing panels have been removed from the Cherbourg Forest Reserve (Photo: DESI)

May 20, 2024

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) is seeking the public’s help with an investigation into illegal dumping of asbestos roofing material in the Cherbourg Forest Reserve.

QPWS rangers found asbestos corrugated roof panels (commonly called “fibro” or “super six”), some with the wooden fascia trim still attached.

Some of the wood and roof panels were painted green but most of the material was unpainted.

It is believed the dumping occurred within the past six months.

The material was removed by a specialist contractor on Saturday (May 18).

South Burnett Senior Ranger Mark Casey said anyone who may have information about the dumping can report this confidentially to the Pollution Hotline on 1300-130-372 or by phoning the local QPWS office on 13-74-68.

“Dumping rubbish in any National Park, State Forest or Forest Reserve is illegal,” Mr Casey said.

“In this instance the situation is more critical, as the material dumped contains hazardous asbestos.

“It is also more costly to remove, with asbestos material requiring specialised handling, removal and disposal.

“If anyone recognises the roof panels or knows of people who have recently undertaken renovations or demolitions and that may be able to provide further details, that information would assist us.”

Illegally dumping material in Queensland’s protected areas can attract a fine of up to $3096 for individuals or $11,610 for corporations.

Some of the dumped roofing material was painted green (Photo: DESI)


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