Heritage National Manager Community Branches Kaye Ross and Heritage Nanango Community Fund’s Jane Hodgkinson … Jane has announced changes to the community sponsorship program 

April 23, 2024

Heritage Nanango Community Branch has announced a big change to its community sponsorship program … it will now accept applications all year round.

Not-for-profit groups in Nanango and surrounds can apply for grant funding at any time, instead of waiting for applications to open for a limited time each year.

Heritage Nanango Community Branch is a joint venture between Heritage Bank and the local community, represented by Heritage Nanango Community Funding Ltd (HNCF).

Under the Heritage community branch model, HNCF’s share of profits is distributed back into the community.

Since opening in 2001, Heritage Nanango Community Branch has given more than $5 million to the community through grants and sponsorships.

“We’ve eliminated the time constraints as part of our commitment to support local not-for-profit organisations,” HNCF director Jane Hodgkinson said.

“Now, organisations can apply for funding whenever they need it, at any time of the year, with no need to wait for a specific window.

“Please be aware that applications received after September 30 in the lead-up to Christmas may not be considered by the board until the following year.

“We will trial this process throughout 2024 and if it works like we hope it will, then we expect this change will become a permanent feature of our funding process.

“We urge local not-for-profit groups not to delay submitting their applications, so that we can take the appropriate time to carefully consider all grant applications received.”

More information, and application forms, are available at the Heritage Nanango branch at 98 Drayton Street, Nanango.


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