The Cooinda Craft Group consists of an enthusiastic group of women of all ages who meet on Mondays in the Kingaroy Town Hall Reception Room (Photo: Supplied)

April 18, 2024

Almost 250 craft items will be heading off from Kingaroy soon to help bushfire victims after a massive effort by the members of the Cooinda Craft Group.

Members brought along the results of their work for a display in the Kingaroy Town Hall Reception Room on Monday.

Secretary Brenda Holding said the 67 members had made crocheted and knitted blankets, toys, beanies, scarves, quilted blankets, teddy bears, small pillows and face washers for the victims of last year’s Tara bushfires.

“We have been making assorted items since the beginning of this year,” she said.

They will be collected by Tara Neighbourhood Centre co-ordinator Ros Wade on May 8.

The centre was at the heart of relief efforts after last year’s devastating fires, but has also provided a lifeline for local residents during other recent crises including droughts, floods and the tragic Wieambilla shootings.

The Cooinda Craft Group has been assured their items will be very well-received by the community.

Cooinda members range in age from 13 to 93.

“The group was formed in the early to mid-1980s and back then met in one of our first member’s lounge room of their family home,” Brenda said.

“We still have a couple of the original members attending each week.

“They love coming along to join the company of lovely like-minded women, enjoying the opportunity to discuss local events and possibly learn new crafts.”

Brenda said the group had grown over the years.

“Larger premises were needed to accommodate all who attend each week. Our group meets each Monday, when able to, in the Kingaroy Town Hall Reception Room.”

Brenda said the members were passionate about helping those in need.

“Each year we give to various charities crafted items as well as cash donations.

“Last year we donated proceeds from our 2023 Quilt Trail to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, the McGrath Foundation, Victims of Domestic Violence, Meals on Wheels and other deserving charities.

“This year. so far, our focus has been on the terrible event of the Tara devastating fires which happened in October of last year.

“Our hearts have gone out to those who have lost everything and hope that our small contributions will make life a little easier for these victims.”

The results of the Cooinda Craft Group’s efforts on display in the Kingaroy Town Hall Reception Room on Monday
(Photo: Supplied)

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