Information about renewable energy will be incorporated into the South Burnett Energy Centre in Nanango

April 17, 2024

South Burnett Regional Council hopes to work with stakeholders to position the South Burnett as “a current and future energy hub”.

It also plans to incorporate renewable energy for community education in the South Burnett Energy Centre in Nanango and work with renewable energy proponents and other large infrastructure investors to co-invest in community assets that enhance liveability in the region.

The plans are detailed in its 2021-2026 South Burnett Regional Development Action Plan.

A statement issued by Council last Friday promoted the Regional Development Action Plan, saying it had identified projects and opportunities for sustainable growth over time.

It was was formed through “collaborative workshops involving South Burnett councillors, industry stakeholders, the Queensland Government’s Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, and representatives from the Burnett Inland Economic Development Organisation”.

“This document harmonises with pertinent strategies from Wide Bay Burnett local government areas, as well as both State and Federal Government initiatives,” the statement said.

The plan was discussed at the SBRC’s December general meeting, the last meeting before Council went into caretaker mode ahead of the March local government election.

A motion to endorse it was moved by now-mayor Cr Kathy Duff and seconded by then-councillor Kirstie Schumacher and adopted unanimously.

The wide-ranging document also includes pressing for better water supplies in the region; investigating the potential for bioenergy industry to become part of the region’s economy; and partnering with the State Government and neighbouring Councils to develop a Darling Downs and Wide Bay Burnett Regional Transformation Strategy to help access funding for identified projects.

The SBRC will also create a new position – a Regional Development Officer (RDO) – who will be tasked with providing connectivity between local businesses, other tiers of government  and professional services to promote business confidence and future investment.

The RDO will also be assigned to work with key stakeholders to develop an “entrepreneur and innovation network” with a view to supporting “an eco-system of networking and introduction” to outer region collaborators and investors.


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