Gympie Mayor Glen Hartwig and his wife Talitha Passey at the post-election meeting … Mayor Hartwig is still recovering from the neck injury he suffered in a crash on March 4 (Photo: GRC)

April 12, 2024

Gympie Regional Council has followed in the footsteps of the South Burnett Regional Council by experimenting with a “temporary” Deputy Mayor.

At the SBRC’s post-election meeting on April 4, it was revealed councillors were considering adopting a policy where a new Deputy Mayor would be appointed about every eight months.

The first SBRC appointment was Cr Danita Potter.

At its post-election meeting on Thursday, the GRC voted to appoint Cr Dolly Jensen as Deputy Mayor for the first 12 months, after which the position would be reconsidered.

The new 2024-28 Gympie Regional Council is:

  • Mayor – Glen Hartwig
  • Division 1 – Cr Jess Milne
  • Division 2 – Cr Dolly Jensen
  • Division 3 – Cr Shane Warnes
  • Division 4 – Cr Michael Curran
  • Division 5 – Cr Allona Lahn
  • Division 6 – Cr Warren McEwan
  • Division 7 – Cr Warren Polley
  • Division 8 – Cr Gordon Maudsley

* * *

North Burnett Regional Council held its post-election meeting on Wednesday.

Division 1 councillor Melinda Jones was elected Deputy Mayor and reappointed chair of the Local Disaster Management Group.

Cr Jones is well-known in the South Burnett through her role as secretary of BIEDO and former general manager of the Red Earth Community Foundation.

The new 2024-28 North Burnett Regional Council is:

  • Mayor – Les Hotz
  • Division 1 – Cr Melinda Jones
  • Division 2 – Cr Trina Vaughan
  • Division 3 – Cr Susan Payne
  • Division 4 – Cr Renee McGilvery
  • Division 5 – Michael Dingle
  • Division 6 – Moira Thompson

[UPDATED with correction]


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