Sports equipment stored in the complex was set alight …

… other equipment was strewn about, broken or burned

April 5, 2024

Vandalism at Cherbourg’s Sports Complex on Tuesday has angered the local Council and hurt residents who have worked hard to provide something good for young people in the community.

Expensive gym equipment had been set on fire and powder fire extinguishers had been let off throughout the building.

The vandals also turned on a firehose to soak the professional-grade wooden basketball court, basically destroying it.

Office equipment was also destroyed and vehicles parked outside were pelted with rocks.

“These ones are destroying our community, tearing apart the infrastructure and breaking down the services vital to our community that have taken years of effort by our Elders before us to bring here,” Council wrote on social media.

“Shame does not cover it. This is not a game, no one is getting points for doing all this damage. These ones doing this are wrecking it for themselves.

“They are hurting and bringing shame to their families and their community.

“We could use stronger language here and say a whole lot more, but we will keep this as polite as we can here.

“Just know that it’s not just physical damage that’s being done here. The hurt and mental anguish as well to our Elders, the workers, families and community as a whole is real.’

Water was sprayed from a firehose, soaking into the wooden basketball court (Photo: CASC)


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