The new Toowoomba Regional Council team … back row, from left, Cr Tim McMahon, Cr Gary Gardner, Cr Trevor Manteufel and Cr Kerry Shine; at front, Cr James O’Shea, Cr Edwina Farquhar, Cr Carol Taylor, Mayor Geoff McDonald, Cr Melissa Taylor, Deputy Mayor Rebecca Vonhoff and Cr Bill Cahill (Photo: TRC)
Deputy Mayor Rebecca Vonhoff (Photo: TRC)

April 3, 2024 

Toowoomba Regional Council’s re-elected team of Mayor and 10 councillors was officially sworn in during a ceremony in Toowoomba on Wednesday.

The first post-election meeting was then held at City Hall where Cr Rebecca Vonhoff was re-appointed Deputy Mayor in an unanimous vote.

Mayor McDonald said he was grateful for the community support shown to him and the other 10 elected representatives.

All incumbent TRC councillors who restood for election were successful.

“Toowoomba Regional Council is unique in comparison with many other local authorities across Queensland where there was substantial change in the elected members,” Mayor McDonald said.

“Our community has shown faith in the councillors who stood for election and endorsed our two newcomers, Cr Gary Gardner and Cr Trevor Manteufel.

“Cr Edwina Farquhar (appointed to fill a vacancy last year) also was elected for the first time. I acknowledge all today’s Councillors and everyone who showed the courage and commitment to put themselves forward for election.

“The first 100 days will be an important time for the new Council team. It will be a formative time where we need to work positively as a group of elected representatives for the good of our community and the entire Council organisation that will support our efforts. We must never lose sight of this objective.

“I believe three guiding principles will set us up to achieve the best results for our community.”

“As Councillors, we need to be financially astute, community-minded and people-focused in all our deliberations.”

Mayor McDonald was appointed chair of the Local Disaster Management Group, with Deputy Mayor Vonhoff appointed deputy chair.

Cr Carol Taylor and Cr Melissa Taylor also were appointed to the LDMG.

Other appointments for advisory committees, community groups, industry bodies and external committees will be finalised at a future meeting.


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